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Hannah Cundiff

I  have always been interested in anything creative and artistic and over the years have turned my hand to many things including jewellery making and photography. But at a young age I was given my first set of watercolour paints and used to spend time painting for family and friends. I also always enjoyed sketching with pencils and developed a skill for draughtsmanship - something I believe I inherited from my paternal Grandparents.

I have never had any formal training, as circumstance did not allow for me to head off to University or Art School. I have just always enjoyed different forms of creativity.

In 2014 I became the new owner of Patterns of Light. Jenny Turner was the artist before me and I used to love spending time in the shop with her. She was always someone I found inspiring and I love her artwork. Patterns of Light was always a sanctuary for me, and Jenny was a very special friend.

Since being in Patterns of Light I have started producing much larger pieces of work and have developed a new line of cards using my original paintings. I have discovered a love for Acrylics, which allow me to experiment with bolder colour. I enjoy experimenting with different styles, and my artwork varies from bold use of abstract colours to studies of landscapes and flowers. I am inspired by the light and surroundings here on the West Coast of Scotland, and also particularly love the Outer Hebrides.

As of the end of the summer 2016, I have also started producing artworks on pebbles and slates. I wanted to be able to produce work that was small enough for people to be able to take away more easily, and also provide a more affordable option as well. It's also an easier way to be able to send art through the post, and my pebbles have travelled as far as Florida, The Netherlands, Spain and New Zealand! Acrylics are perfect for creating the colours I want - particularly on the slates - and I seal the final work to protect it from any damage. I still love producing more traditional artwork, but the slates are particularly enjoyable to do. Pop over to the "Pebble & Slates" section of the website to see more of my work. And if you click on the link below you can see a small gallery with examples of my other work too.

Paintings & Prints