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Patterns of light blog

29/7/2011 - 'Catchers' on shells

Charlotte Bauermeister collects these shells from local beaches, polishes the inside of the shell, creates a web with silver thread and finally attaches a semi-precious stone. They are exquisite and make very special and unique gifts.

Oyster shell and tourmaline

Twisty shell with citrine bead

Small mussel shell with tourmaline bead

28/7/2011 - Owl, sea eagle, frog, stag

No images here on this blog, but saw all of these creatures on one drive down the road two nights ago. The owl was a young one and sat on the road in the headlights for half a minute looking at us with it's big eyes. About 11.45 pm.

19/7/2011 - 'Catcher' on Torridon Heather

Pat Taylor creates these 'Catchers', as she calls them, on heather she collects whilst climbing and walking the Torridon hills near her home. It is fascinating to see how she is progressing with them since coming here in the snows of February to do a workshop.

Catcher with lichen and fluorite beads

19/7/2011 - Yurt time!

Jo, Helen, Vicky, Bill (left to right)

The yurt is open for summer and autumnn workshops making dreamcatchers. Prices are £10 per person per hour and include all materials. Workshops are usually for one up to ten people. Book your own time and we can nearly always suit your timetable.

22/5/2011 - Welcome to Patterns of Light

Welcome. This is a postcard called 'Suppertime' and has something of the spirit of our Loch about it. A long card (29x11.5 cms) and printed here on inkjet watercolour paper.

I attended a dreamcatcher workshop last week with my family, run by Jenny, and I want to thank you for such a great time. I really enjoyed the activity, the peacefulness of the time spent in the yurt, and seeing my 2 daughters, (and husband), get so much out of making such a beautiful and unique piece of art. I unpacked mine today and hung it up straight away. I would recommend the workshop to everyone! Thank you. Carol.

I love the look of your new website - I keep checking progress on it, hoping that someday soon you'll have some of your silver and shell jewellery on it? I visited your shop again in September last and regret not buying one! Here's hoping... Fee Hunter

I came across one of your lovely cards recently and wondered if you are still selling them. Glenys Jones