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4/9/2010 - Jo making a dreamcatcher in the shop

Note coffee mugs. This is the working area at the back of the shop. people can walk around and watch us at work. Nic is working on the on-line shop and is just out of view.

Jo and Nic run the dreamcatcher workshops in the yurt down in the garden.

2/9/2010 - Nice blues just unpacked

Hand-dyed yarns from Colinette. Still unpacking and wonderful sunshine outside Shown here Venezia, Turquoise, Pagan, Blue Saturn Hand-dyed.

1/9/2010 - New wool delivery today

Exciting delivery. Three boxes piled outside the door like a tower. Will be available on the website soon.

29/8/2010 - Finished goose dreamcatcher

So, it is finished and now there is a tiny swallow feather to use for another one. Thinking to have a window full of natural dreamcatchers to keep pace with the flow of feathers from Sally Hen!

Thank you Jenny for making such beautiful dreamcatchers using the feathers from my geese and hens - all rare breeds and it's so encouraging to think that even the moulted feathers can be turned into such exquisite things. What can you do with the goose eggs next spring I wonder........? Well done to all who have put so much hard work into the new website. Sal xx

Hey G.J I always love every thing you make you are so talented You Grandaughter Ella xx

28/8/2010 - Goose feathers

Sally has brought geese feathers into the shop.

Pilgrim geese....a rare breed. In this case on a pilgrimage to the Highlands (at the egg stage). They travelled here from Somerset in a car with a bearded collie (someone else was driving) and this is their first moult. I am making a dreamcatcher with the feathers. Picture tomorrow of the finished article. Using silk for the web and semi-precious stones.