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28/8/2010 - More on mussels...

This is a necklace made by Bruce Blaxter. The links are all hand-made and small aquamarine beads are added to hang inside each shell. It measures 50" (128cms). There are a selection of necklaces made by Bruce. He also makes earrings to match.

18/8/2010 - New day

A new day dawns and am sprinkling sparkly bits on this card to give the printing process a bit of joy (and hopefully us too).

May well go and do some searching for shells when the shop closes. Mussel shells are drilled by tiny sea creatures (they sort of suck the fishy bit through) and they leave a fine hole which is SO useful for threading (if that’s what you do). Luckily many of these can be found just outside the Applecross Inn! No, seriously, it’s the best place I have found around here. Maybe the worms like the beer too.