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23/7/2015 - A little while since I last blogged!.....

Realised it has been a couple of months since I last sat myself down to share with you on this blog! Sorry it's been a while.

We are now over halfway through the year - a little scary. And I am still waiting for summer really. It's a little cool today - wearing boots and lit the fire last night. Not really normal for July. In fact I was looking back through photos and noticed that a year ago today it was so hot all the doors and windows in the shop were open and we were melting. Oh well, that's the Highlands for you.

The shop has been busy the last couple of weeks, and it's been lovely seeing our annual visitors returning again. Lots of positive comments about the shop too - thank you :) 

A few new things have come in since I last wrote. I have some beautiful cuffs made by Claire Gent...

New jewellery from Spey Valley Photography, more pottery from Lochbroom and fresh stock from Isle of Skye Candle Co. and Mary Jean Ltd. And I have been producing lots of artwork. Much of which was inspired by my holiday in Lewis and Harris in May. I am currently waiting for pictures to come back from the framer, and I have already started on some more to be framed later in the summer!

Before I go will share pictures of my three favourite paintings so far this year! Hope you are all happy and healthy, and please pop in if you are passing :) xxx

"My Heart is in the Hebrides"


                                                                  "Machair"                                                                            "Atlantic Lace"

19/5/2015 - From a tiny acorn.....

I am just back from a weeks holiday in Harris and Lewis with my family and shop dog. So when I came in to work yesterday I was filled with a gentle peace. I love the Hebrides, and my plan is to at some point manage the Island Hop as I would love to see every island. We stay in Lewis - open moors, bleak, stark and beautiful big sky. And visit Harris - mountains, winding roads and the most stunning beaches. White sands and turquoise waters like the Maldives....but a little chillier! I have taken lots of photos (as I have twice before) but this time I hope to actually do some painting from them. So watch this space and we'll see.

I had left the shop in the very capable and loving hands of my friend Jo. And we were together yesterday going over what I had missed. Jo had also spent time making some of her beautiful dreamcatchers too - something the shop has been missing. There were customers in and out through the morning. Then one particular lady came in, and it led to one of the most amazing and strange experiences of my life to date. Details are not required here, but let's just say we were visited by an old and darling friend for a little while. 

I have been wondering for a while about moving some of the displays, but I have felt unable to do so until now. But today I have spent the morning changing the front display. Jenny's cards had been displayed there since I took the shop on last year and I hadn't wanted to move them. But today the overwhelming feeling was that the shop needed freshening up and a change was needed. So there is now a new display of the most recent work in the shop. Everything must move forward and it feels like it is time to accept that it's the new work that keeps Patterns of Light moving forward. Jenny's work is still very much visible and available, but it no longer greets you as you walk in the door, it is to be discovered again once you move around the shop.

So the heading of the blog "From a tiny acorn..." It is the title of one of the first paintings I did at the end of 2013, before I knew I would be in Patterns of Light the following year. It is the painting in the photo above. It was the seed that started me on the road to painting again. And ultimately has led me to where I am today, sat in my favourite shop in the world.

".....mighty oaks grow"


17/4/2015 - Sunshine and daffodils....

Thought it was time for a spot of blogging again. The sun is shining here on the West Coast today and the daffodils are in full bloom in the garden. It has seemed a very long, dark and stormy winter, but finally we seem to be leaving that behind!

The shop is getting busier now that Easter has been and gone, with plenty of people popping in. It's been lovely to see the first few regular visitors appearing too. It's always nice to catch up with folk who come in every year.

And stock is starting to come through the door too! It's always a bit like Christmas for me when the boxes start arriving and need to be unpacked. I always feel like it is a treat to be the first person to see the new goodies. So far there is a fresh supply of St. Eval candles, new glass from Carrie Paxton, new pieces of wood from David Hay in Dingwall and yesterday some brand new stock arrived - Cherith Harrison does a lovely range of home and giftware. So this year Patterns of Light has some very beautiful teatowels, aprons, tote bags and mugs. The range includes a lovely Highland cow and my favourite design is the dragonflies and damselflies.

There will be more copper jewellery from Anna McDade in the next week, and the lovely Mairi from Button Heart Crafts will be over from Stornoway tomorrow with a delivery!

It's a lovely time of year in the shop as eveything starts to come alive. I've also been doing some more painting. I decided that after looking at the Bealach for six years, it was about time I painted it. So I have done a triptych of paintings. And also a lovely bright new feather with the words "Take theses broken wings....and learn to fly" from the Beatles "Blackbird".

Anyway, enough rambling from me - I shall post a few photos so that you can see what's been happening. Hope the sun is shining with you today too, and look forward to seeing you soon! xx


Cherith Harrison

David Hay, Dingwall.

"Shepherd's Delight" - the final painting in the Bealach series.

24/3/2015 - The start of another season...

I'm not sure where the last year has gone, but here we are in March 2015 and Patterns of Light has just opened properly for the season! We are now open Monday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm. The new stock will gradually come in over the next few weeks and on in to the summer. Two big boxes of books arrived yesterday afternoon and are now filling the shelves again. And there are a few new things to come this year too.

I have ordered some gorgeous goodies from Cherith Harrison in Edinburgh. Highland Coo's, Stags, Birds and Dragonflies on cotton bags, teatowels, aprons and mugs. And new jewellery from Claire Gent. Beautiful bright aluminium cuffs. I have also had a delivery from a local artist, Cindie Reiter from Little Fish Studio in Lochcarron. There will be some pictures up on Facebook over the next few days. Plus there will be fresh stock from Carrie Paxton Glass, Anna McDade Jewellery and Button Heart Crafts.

I had hoped to get more done in the shop over the winter months but unfortunately found that the start of the year was quite disruptive with work being done on my home. I then had a ten day break visiting family - something I didn't manage last year with taking on the shop. I'm very glad to be back in the shop again now and settling back in to my routine. Shop dog seems quite happy too....

And I have finally picked up the paint brushes again. One little picture is off being framed just now, and was inspired by finding the skeletons of hydrangea petals in the garden....

"Heather Skies"

And today I have just finished a slightly larger painting. We have had a lot of solar activity and last week not only was there the eclipse, but for a couple of night the Northern Lights were sighted across large parts of the UK. So I have created my own version of the Aurora Borealis....


It's a little different, but I had great fun painting it and playing with some strong colours. It feels really good to have found my creative flow again and I'm hoping there may be another picture or two to come before it gets busy in the shop and I won't have quite the same sort of time.

Anyway, I hope all is well with you all, and don't forget that Patterns of Light also has a facebook page if you want to see what I'm up to more regularly. Will try and update the blog more often now that I am back in the shop full time! xxx

23/1/2015 - Happy New Year.....

Well it's a little late, but Happy New Year to you all!

I have had a few weeks off allowing my brain and body to have a rest. The shop remained open until Christmas Eve and then I opened before New Year. But by Boxing Day I was exhausted after working the year through without a holiday. Then of course in the New Year we were battered with hurricane winds up here and had power cuts etc. so the shop stayed closed.

Anyway this week I needed to do the stock take and once in the shop the itch to be back in there started!While doing the stock take I also cleaned and rearranged the displays so the shop is pretty much ready for opening. The hours will be sporadic until the beginning of March, as I have work being done on the house and have to be flexible to allow the builders in etc. and I also have a lot of catching up with people to do! From the beginning of March the hours will become regular again, probably starting Wednesday to Saturday again until just before Easter when I will open 6 days a week. If before then you are hoping to visit just drop me an email on here, or you can ring the shop on 01520 733388. If I'm not there you can leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I hope this finds you all happy and healthy and I wish you many blessings in 2015.

And to close a pic from the shop yesterday after being put back together.....hope to see you soon :)