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17/5/2014 - Happy shop

Felt it was time for another blog! 

Patterns of Light has a wonderful feel about it - love and laughter are now in the shop. I think that last year was a hard year after the loss of darling Jenny, and the shop felt sad too. But it seems to be coming alive again. We are seeing some of our regular faces again - local and visitors. New stock is gradually filtering in, and the creativity is flowing once more!

Thought I would give you a little glimpse of the new and beautiful things that are coming in....


Anna McDade Jewellery


Carrie Paxton Glass


Lisa O'Brien


Button Heart Crafts

As you can see, lots of nice new goodies to go with all our longstanding products - Dreamcatchers, Dragon's Tears, St.Eval Candles, Shards Glass, Arcania Incense....the list goes on. And of course a wide selection of cards including Jenny's work, my own and a few other local artists.

Hope you will be tempted to pop in if you are passing.....

3/5/2014 - Being artistic.....

Just a wee blog to say that I have been doing some of my own painting over the last week, and have turned some of the work in to new card designs. You can have a peek in the Handmade Card section. Hope you like!

Easter was very good here, with fabulous weather and lots of people. Since then it has been a little quieter, but hoping that with it being a Bank Holiday Weekend it will start to pick up a little over the next few weeks. The quiet has allowed me time to be inspired though which has felt really good. Nice to know I still have it!

Hope this finds you all healthy and happy, and perhaps sat in the sun somewhere :)


5/4/2014 - New beginnings

So, I have updated the "About Us" page, and thought I should try my hand at a spot of blogging.......

Patterns of Light has always been a special place to me, especially over the last 5 years since I have been living in Achintraid. So it is such a privilege to now be a part of it's story, and to be taking it forward. I hope you will join me for the journey.

I aim to build the shop up gradually and plan to have a few new beautiful oddities to complement those already available. This includes the website as well, once I have gotten to grips with it! I will be introducing a few new makers - glass, home decor, jewellery, prints and any other quirky little gems I may find.

I have also been very kindly offered another wee outlet to put some of our products in, so if you are in Lochcarron check out Lochcarron Bistro! They have a lovely menu to keep your tastebuds satisfied, and a relaxed and friendly welcome. Only a small selection of goodies in there just now, but hoping to build on that over the coming months too.

Anyway, lovely people, I will try to keep you all posted on any exciting goings on in our little sanctuary....and perhaps see you soon xxx

28/6/2012 - Texture and Light Workshop - Applecross 7th July

Jenny is giving a workshop in the stunning Applecross Walled Garden, Saturday July 7th. All materials and lunch provided.


27/6/2012 - Tickling Midges and Kishorn's Answer to Rabbie Burns

Midge time is most certainly upon us and in a desperate bid to forget the nibbling nasties, Mike has acquired a number of 'Tickling Midges' named Millie.  Then, on a trip to Skye, was inspired by his non-biting bug to pen a few lines in her honour.

Millie the Tickling Midge

I'm Millie the Tickling Midge!
I know some of my friends bite,
But I think that is rather impolite.
I give a wee tickle,
Just to have fun.
I see nothing wrong with that
When all's said and done!