I started painting on Pebbles towards the end of the summer of 2016, and shared my work on Facebook. I managed to reach over 30,000 people in the process! Something that truly stunned me. Then a little later in the Autumn I started working with slates as well. I paint scenes from around my local area, but also from the Outer Hebrides. The interest this brought to the Patterns of Light Facebook page also brought with it lots of commission work too - so my paintings now strech to any scene that is requested (I work from photos normally, so people quite often send me a photo of the view they would like). I work on various sizes of pebble, and produce work on small and large slate hearts, as well as large slates which are reclaimed from lots of lovely locals who bring any spare slates they have lying around in to the shop for me!

My aim is to have these available to purchase online over the next year, but the process of getting them on to the website in a way that keeps up wth demand is a little tricky. If you would like to purchase my work this way, please contact me directly and I will gladly do it on a commission basis for now. Please allow a few weeks for this, as I also run the shop on a daily basis....and painting is a creative process which doesn't always allow for me to paint things straight away!